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Titano Palmer Convertor Virtuoso FreeBass Accordion, Excellent

This is the most sought-after Titano 4/5 Reeds FreeBass professional accordion - the ideal instrument for every professional performer and the ultimate accordion for serious collectors. 
The Titano Palmer Convertor Virtuoso is the easiest and the most popular FreeBass converter system. This Titano's converter quint accordion uses the very same note sequence that accordionists already knew from their stradella basses without other free bass mechanism's added size and weight. The fundamental and counter bass rows repeat in the chords three times:  the fundamental and counter bass are the lowest octave while the major and minor chords are the next higher octave, and the 7th and diminished chords become the highest octave.  By one push of a button, the player converts the stradella (standard) bass machine to a FreeBass system permitting the player to form desired chords or play single notes as the music may require.  You can immediately enjoy almost all the exiting regular piano scores without special re-arrangement for accordion. 

Features and Conditions:

Buyer pays $99.95 shipping with insurance for lower 48 states. California customer pays state sales tax.

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